Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marketing and Adopting

How important is Marketing and Adopting Other People's Technology to maintaining rabid customer following?  Let me give you a little help:

Invented the MouseApple invented the mouse in 1983Xerox and the Canadian Military invented mouse and track-ball pointing devices independently in the 1970s with the first commercially sold mouse from Xerox in 1981
Invented the Graphical User InterfaceApple invented the GUI with the Lisa in 1983 (then sued Microsoft)Xerox PARC Star workstation was released in 1981 and was based on their GUIs from the late 70s.
Invented the Online App StoreThe Apple-invented App Store opened on July 10, 2008 NTT Docomo opened an app store about 7 years earlier.
Invented the MP3 PlayerOctober 23, 2001, Apple Computer unveiled the first generation iPodFirst mass-produced MP3 player was released by Saehan Information Systems in 1997
Invented MultitouchThe 2007 release of the iPhone allowed you to use server simultaneous presses.Fingerworks invented it in 2005, and was purchased by Apple
Invented USBApple invented the USB with the release of the iMac in 1998Compaq, DEC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC and Nortel began development on USB in 1994
Invented the smartphoneApple releases the first smartphone in 2007.IBM released the Simon Personal Communicator to BellSouth customers in August 1994.
Invented the Desktop Music PlayerApple released iTunes in January 2001Apple purchased SoundJam MP from Casady & Greene in 1999 and converted it into iTunes by removing sound recording and addid DVD burning

If you notice a pattern, Apple is one of the best companies at lying marketing! Steve Jobs had his Reality Distortion Field and so do Apple users!  A company, with such rabid users that have their script ready about the value of the products they use, has to be respected.

In Business School everyone talked about being the first mover.  You can see here though, Apple was not the first mover or adopter.  And yet these innovations are very key to the success of Apple.  So being an adopter and expanding the market seems to be what Apple was good at, and convincing users that they were the FIRST to get something when they bought an Apple product was very important too.

For innovators, I would suggest you become a Casady and Greene or a Fingerworks rather than a NTT Docomo or a Xerox.  Make your product useful for Apple, not the idea of your product (and make sure you have patent protection).

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  1. You forgot that Apple "invented" the PDA - the Newton 1992 (though Psion did it first in 1984 and a far better one in 1991.

    Oh, wait a minute - Sleazy Stevie did not make the claim as Newton was a flop and it was marketed by Sculley.

    Being on the leading edge (bleeding edge) does not always mean you'll be the market leader. Sometimes it's another company who will take your idea, improve it, market it better, and make the big money. An example is Edison, who would either buy out companies, infringe/take over expired patents. "HE" invented the light bulb! I know 'cause he said so! ;-)


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